For years, business owners have felt helpless and trapped in the corporate healthcare system. Until Now.

“American businesses are being forced to choose between their employees’ health and organizations’ wealth.”

The cost of healthcare in America is on the rise and will continue to climb. This is a virtual certainty. And year after year, business owners, feeling helpless and trapped in the corporate healthcare system, opt to continue paying instead of finding a solution. For many of those business owners, not getting healthcare costs under control is not an option. Their businesses will fail.

This is the healthcare affordability crisis in America.

In response, Dr. Josh Luke has authored his latest book Health Wealth: Is Healthcare Bankrupting Your Business?, published by ForbesBooks. A former hospital CEO and one of the nation’s top thought-leaders on healthcare transformation and affordability, Dr. Luke details the evolution of the American healthcare model and how we have arrived to a broken delivery system. He then identifies the trends and cultural shifts that will soon disrupt the current model, the likely impact those changes will have on businesses, and the nine simple tactics companies can employ to take control and achieve employee health and company wealth.

Get ahead of the coming trends, end annual premium increases, discover alternative approaches to improve the health of your employees, lead a happier workforce, a healthier workforce, and save more than 30% annualy on your overall healthcare spending. Health-Wealth is your guide.

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Josh Luke is the Tony Robbins of health care!"

Sadad Salout,
Healthcare Executive

Dr. Luke has an engaging presentation style; he is not afraid to call out the elephant in the room, pushing people to face that which is less than comfortable."

Susan L. Cordts,
Catalytic Health Partners, President/CEO